spill tab Captures the Pain of Returning to a First “Name” Basis with Exes

Photo Credit: Jade Sadler (@jadesdlr)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 3, 2020

Having found herself working in the music industry, it only makes sense that spill tab has some musical talent brewing in her blood. The French-Korean newcomer has spent the last year crafting her signature sound, and we have to admit… it’s everything we could’ve asked for. Between the hints of lo-fi and bedroom pop, you most definitely need to introduce yourself to spill tab’s charming new single, “Name.”

Taken off her mesmerizing debut EP, Oatmilk, “Name” is the utterly wholesome track that made us fall in love with spill tab in the first place. It can be soul crushing to switch between calling someone “babe” and their first name when going through a breakup, which is the very heartbreaking feeling that spill tab spotlights in “Name.” Directed by Axel Kabundji, the accompanying visual follows spill tab, dressed in a fashionable red cowboy hat and boxing gloves, as she makes the most of a gloomy day in Los Angeles. 

On “Name,” spill tab explained, 

“I was having a really weird day with my significant other on the day I made ‘Name.’ I was feeling confused and insecure around this person that I liked and that made me want to blame all our problems on him. The idea of giving back a first name is a reference to all the little endearing nicknames you give to someone you’re dating in exchange for their real name, and when the relationship ends you basically have to trade those back in for their first name. So being the one to give back his first name basically means being the one to call it quits.”

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