WAYI Gets Stuck in Her Head with “Mind Mazes”

Photo Credit: David Simoens (@simoensdavid)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 1, 2020

Growing up, the church gospel was about all the musical experience WAYI had. But in time, this budding R&B songstress took a giant leap and became the incredible songwriter we’re pleased to introduce you to today. With the most alluring vocals, WAYI will surely whisk you away with her thoughtful new single, “Mind Mazes.” 

If you love ‘90s R&B, you’ll absolutely adore “Mind Mazes” and its utterly nostalgic soundscapes. Drizzled in WAYI’s irresistible flavor, “Mind Mazes” is inspired by self-doubt, which is certainly something we can all resonate with. Between the intoxicating electronics and WAYI’s direct lyricism, “Mind Mazes” is sure to be a fan favorite in no time. 

On “Mind Mazes,” WAYI explained, 

“This is about when you feel stuck in your mind, stuck in a situation(ship) where you can’t find an exit. It’s actually entirely up to you to bite the bullet but sometimes, indecisiveness and uncertainty keep your own thoughts captive.” 

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