Betty Bass Searches for Clarity with “On the Run”

Photo Credit: Navid Tollah (@navidtollah)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 1, 2020

There’s no denying how insanely talented Betty Bass is, but she somehow continues to impress us with every stunning release. The rising Danish songstress crafts soul-infused R&B tracks that are delicate to the touch, and you’ll be swooning over her soon enough. Fully stripping herself of any metaphorical walls she may have, Bass and vulnerability go hand in hand in her emotional new single, “On the Run.”

As Bass reflects on her relationship with her family, “On the Run” reminds us that we may not always feel like we belong where we’ve been born into. Layered with Bass’ captivating vocals atop stellar production, “On the Run” showcases this emerging talent in her purest form. By the end of “On the Run,” you’ll understand why we’re so intrigued by Bass and her innate ability to connect with listeners. 

On “On The Run,” Betty Bass shared, 

“‘On The Run’ is a song about searching for clarification and forgiveness, not only about the feeling of not being understood but also about the realization that you may not even understand the other part as well.” 

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