Sarah Barrios Lives Life with a Heavy Heart in “Bedroom Floor Feelings”

Photo Credit: Noah Barrios (@noahbarrios)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 24, 2020

Sarah Barrios grew up in an incredibly musical household, so we’re not at all surprised that music became her life’s passion. After years of penning hits for other established artists, Barrios took the plunge and began unveiling her solo work, which is absolutely immaculate. To keep her impressive string of releases coming, Barrios is pleased to present her crushing new single, “Bedroom Floor Feelings.” 

On “Bedroom Floor Feelings,” Sarah Barrios shared, 

“I’ve been waiting for this song to come out since Hampus Lindvall and I wrote it in our lil musical cave in Sweden last year and now it’s finally yours. Marc E. Bassy – thank you for gracing this song with your dope ass vocals and for giving it new life and perspective. Thank you, Andrea Roos and Vic Cuccia – for CRUSHING this mix and master and making it sound WAVEYYYYY!!! Kevin Calame – you already know I admire the fuck outta your drive and willingness to put up with my ass… YOU A BOSS. I miss creating in foreign countries with friends, but at least we have the music to make us feel better!!”

We’ve all gotten in our heads about literally everything, and Barrios has crafted a lovely tune that captures this very struggle. Featuring Marc E. Bassy, “Bedroom Floor Feelings” is drenched in inviting acoustics and charming harmonies that’ll have you gushing over Barrios’ heartwarming vocals. The accompanying visual has Barrios in distress as she attempts to live life with an unbearably heavy heart. 

“IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! I cannot even begin to express my gratitude towards literally everyone who brought this video to life. Michael Cobuzio, Ryan Sadler, Team Playback – thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing my crazy vision, believing in me and for creating the coolest fucking video ever. I know it was a process with a lot of ups and downs, but every single time y’all came to the table ready to grind and that means the world. Literally could not have done this without you. To my beautiful queens, Hana Addams and Ashlee Phillips – thank you for practicing choreo with me until 1 a.m. two days before the shoot and then driving two hours to film it in the fuckin desert. You both made this video so perfect and I can’t thank you enough. To my ride or die team, Kevin Calame, Noah Barrios, Suriya Patel, and Ashlyn Custodero – thank you for constantly having my back, keeping me sane, and helping me find the right people to create these worlds with me. I love y’all so much. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND LET ME KNOW YOUR FAVORITE PART!!!!!” 

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