Phil Good’s “How Do I Feel” Is a Stellar Quarantine Creation

Photo Credit: Sherrie Garcia (@__sherrie)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 24, 2020

It seems like a lifetime ago that Phil Good was flipping grilled cheese sandwiches to make ends meet, and now he’s grown into a fully fledged musician. After moving from Portland to Los Angeles, Good hasn’t wasted a single minute of his time in the studio–and it really shows. With 2020 being a fantastic year of music releases from Good, the indie pop mastermind is spoiling us with a stellar new single, “How Do I Feel.” 

Plenty of nostalgic tracks have been created during quarantine, but none are quite like the hypnotic “How Do I Feel.” What’s incredibly special about “How Do I Feel” is that Good asked his fans to send him voice memos about their current mental state that he ended up sampling throughout the track. Even better yet, the “How Do I Feel” visual will make anyone who’s ever worked an office job feel entirely understood. 

On “How Do I Feel,” Phil Good explained, 

“‘How Do I Feel’ is an almost stupidly simple snapshot of where my head was at in May of 2020. I wrote it with my friend and collaborator Michelle Buzz, and it spilled out of us in under an hour. I instantly fell in love with how straightforward and spot on it felt. This song is so specific and personal to me, but I think it captures how I imagine many people have felt this year.”

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