ROZET Lives in a Frightening Dystopia in “Rigamarole” Video

Photo Credit: Grace Chesnut (@g.racelauren)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 20, 2020

Now based in Texas, ROZET is the stunning goddess treating us to her luscious alternative R&B. With utterly silky vocals and an effortless coolness, ROZET isn’t here to mess around. Making music that’ll continue to speak for generations to come, ROZET has delivered the cinematic music video for “Rigamarole.” 

On “Rigamarole,” ROZET shared, 

“I looked up and found myself fed up with society around me. To keep from projecting my frustrations onto others, I started texting myself a combination of poetry and questions for the gods, deities, and universe. But, one day I reached a limit. I sent myself this text that I later titled ‘RIGAMAROLE,’ a word which represents nonsensical, meaningless commotion, and procedures often used to confuse people. I say, ‘NO MORE RIGAMAROLE’ because I was tired of feeling stuck in this repetitive loop of injustice and misinformation. I wanted to be heard and with the current state of society I know much of the world feels the exact same.”

Speaking on her unbearable frustrations in “Rigamarole,” ROZET connects with those of us who’ve been fed up with the diminishing global climate. The new visual introduces us to a dystopian landscape that adds flair to the greatness that is “Rigamarole.” By this fictitious world in which people are merely trying to survive, we’re reminded of the adversity millions of people face every day. 

“My deceased friends and family speak through me — praying for change. Because I am alive, I am yelling with my art even if all this information gets lost in cyber sauce. I have been asked if I am excited for this release… to be honest, it is a multilayered feeling. I am an honest writer, so I am sad to reflect a world where such evil has suppressed specific communities leaving a slimy film of trauma response and glitches in our bodies. If you see ‘Rigamarole’ and you say, ‘I don’t get it,’ we’ll then… those who know, know. Thank you for your support.”

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