Faunavision Carries Us Through Pain and Suffering with “Plight”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 20, 2020

Khari Rhynes has played in several bands growing up, but nothing has seen as much potential as his current solo project: Faunavision. With an openness not many artists are willing to embody, Faunavision offers a moody twist on what we’ve come to consider bedroom pop. To introduce you to his unique brand of dark pop, Faunavision delivers his touching new single, “Plight.”

Moving on is almost never a smooth process, but “Plight” will carry you through the pain and suffering that comes with change. Coated in raspy vocals and haunting strumming, “Plight” takes us on a sonic journey through what we’d imagine is Faunavision’s world of darkness. After one listen of “Plight,” it’s safe to say Faunavision’s vulnerable essence will resonate with countless people worldwide. 

On “Plight,” Faunavision explained,

“I wrote this song about moving on. However, it can mean something totally different to someone else. I feel it’s best that I let the listener define the meaning of the song for themselves.  Like it’s their own little soundtrack to their biopic, and I am only the narrator.”

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