Sabiyha Cuts Ties with Jerks in “Do I Matter”

Photo Credit: Misha Meghna (@mishameghna)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 19, 2020

Born and raised in Croydon, Sabiyha is the British-Guyanese talent making waves one stellar release at a time. As someone who just made her stunning debut earlier this year, Sabiyha has been a major surprise we can’t get enough of. Before the year ends, we invite you to treat yourself to Sabiyha’s bold new single, “Do I Matter.”

For those of you who haven’t found the courage to cut ties with the obvious jerks in your life, allow Sabiyha to instill this confidence in you with “Do I Matter.” Now fully over the person she was once betrayed by, Sabiyha channels the truth she’s always held within for this eclectic track. Filmed at Sunset Studios, Peckham, the accompanying visual offers a live performance of “Do I Matter” in all of its natural beauty. 

On “Do I Matter,” Sabiyha elaborated,

“This song is essentially calling this guy out on his wasteman behavior. He gassed me to kingdom come at the beginning, then towards the end, would make me feel so small. By the end of the track, I literally exclaim, ‘DO I CARE??’ AND THE ANSWER IS… nah. I’m 100% over it, fam! I couldn’t be more over it if I was sitting on the moon, so… boy, bye.”

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