Isaac Lewis Finally Learns to “Slow Down and Chew” Life’s Offerings

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 19, 2020

Pittsburgh’s Isaac Lewis isn’t like most 23-year-old musicians today. The natural talent of this rising mastermind flows between indie rock, R&B, and pop–but you never know what to expect from him. If you’ve never heard of Lewis before, we highly suggest you at least give him a chance with his soothing new single, “Slow Down and Chew.”

On “Slow Down and Chew,” Isaac Lewis reflected,

“It’s easy to forget to slow down and savor every bite of food when I’m eating. It’s also easy to be consumed by these grandiose ideas of what I’m supposed to achieve next or what benchmark I’m supposed to hit in order to see myself ‘level up’ in life and music.”

Written about truly appreciating the most miniscule moments of life, “Slow Down and Chew” quite literally forces us to cherish Lewis’ silky stylings. As we’re treated to jangly guitars and inviting percussion, “Slow Down and Chew” reveals the side of Lewis that’s constantly striving for perfection, which can sometimes lead to more destruction than success. By the end of this charming track, we’re convinced that Lewis’ music speaks for itself, and you owe it to yourself to give it a whirl. 

“However, it’s important to appreciate every moment along the way and to remind myself that longevity probably won’t exist if I look at the creative process through the lens of what rewards it’ll lead me to, rather than what ideas I can offer the world. ‘Slow Down and Chew’ is my self-reminder to be guided by passion instead of chasing an idea of success.”

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