Florence Arman’s “Home” Is a Wholesome Coming-of-Age Story

Photo Credit: Florian Moshammer (@florianmoshammer)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 18, 2020

Between her vocal coach mother and composer father, it’s no surprise that Florence Arman has a special adoration of music. Although many don’t know that Arman has already written alongside The Kooks, this rising newcomer deserves way more credit than she’s currently getting. As her third release ever, Arman delivers a wholesome new single, “Home.” 

Written about the uneasiness you’d feel when leaving the house you grew up in, “Home” is a straightforward track that has us reminiscing about our own childhoods. Drizzled in calming keys and sorrowful guitars, “Home” offers a coming-of-age story you’d see in an indie movie–but in the form of a pleasant song. By the end of “Home,” Arman has us absolutely hooked on her soothing vocals, so it’s about time you add her to your radar.

On “Home,” Florence Arman reflected,

“It’s a very personal song. And a cup of tea in this mug was the homeliest thing I could think of. When I lived with my dad, he would wake me for school every day with this exact mug of tea. So there ya go!”

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