Foster and Sody Make Elvis Proud with “fools (can’t help falling in love)”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 17, 2020

Coming in hot from Nashville is Foster, the self-described “sad song machine” that’ll have you aweing in disbelief. With over two million streams on Soundcloud, Foster has built a massive, organic following most of us can only dream of. For all of you Elvis Presley lovers out there, Foster is treating you to his hip-hop inspired rendition of “fools (can’t help falling in love).” 

On “fools (can’t help falling in love),” Foster shared,

“There was something about the night I first started writing ‘fools (can’t help falling in love).’ I was alone in my car parked in the rain listening to the beat (produced by Sarcastic Sounds), when the lyrics in the sample just struck a chord with me. I had heard the song ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ a million times before; but, in this moment, it felt different.”

Featuring the delicate vocals of British songstress Sody and produced by Sarcastic Sounds, “fools (can’t help falling in love)” would absolutely make the King of Rock and Roll incredibly proud of what present day artists are capable of. Now that we’ve heard what this timeless track sounds like with Foster’s magical touch, “fools (can’t help falling in love)” has brought on a whole new meaning to our hearts. As Foster reflects on unrequited love, this stunning record reminds us of the times we’ve rushed into doomed relationships.

“It sparked a lot of emotion and inspiration for me, and I started thinking about how often I ‘rush in’ like a fool and end up falling into a one sided love-story with girls who are way out of my league. That’s something I deal with on a regular basis and it comes with a lot of emotional consequences. So I really wanted to capture exactly that, and try to add a new element to the original song that people like me could relate to on a deeper level.”

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