Folk Subtleties Complement Christian Sparacio’s Handsome Vocals in “About Time”

Photo Credit: Kirsten David (@kirstengdavid)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 17, 2020

Christian Sparacio has said goodbye to his days playing college football, but the doors that have opened for him since then totally make up for it. The Marlboro, New Jersey native has an innate ability to craft the most eclectic tracks you wouldn’t believe, and he’s only getting started. With plenty more immaculate music on the way, Sparacio is holding us over with a new single, “About Time.”

With jumpy keys and wholesome guitars, “About Time” reminds us of exactly why we’re so in love with Sparacio. This utterly refreshing arrangement has folk subtleties that perfectly complement Sparacio’s handsome vocals and overall stage presence. The accompanying visual has Sparacio blindfolded in a desert, as he worriedly searches for the only other living person in his vicinity.

On “About Time,” Christian Sparacio explained, 

“I think not only does ‘About Time’ address classic relationship dynamics, but it also provokes a surreality – times iron grip on our place in the world and our only option being to flow with it.”

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