KALI Struggles with Her Hectic Past in “Back To The Start”

Photo Credit: Sophia Ziskin (@sophiaziskin)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 13, 2020

Kali Flanagan’s parents enrolled her in piano lessons at just four years old, and it sure has paid off. The gifted 16-year-old, now performing under the name KALI, has been performing at local venues, and is now ready to take her talents to the next level. As her thrilling debut finally arrives, KALI is treating us to her righteous new single, “Back To The Start.”

About 17 seconds into this guitar driven track, we’re spoiled with to-die-for instrumentation you can’t make up. As KALI details her endless struggles from her hectic past, “Back To The Start” lets us into her personal life without hesitation. The accompanying visual flows perfectly with “Back To The Start,” as KALI cruises along the city streets with her closest friends through day and night. 

On “Back To The Start,” KALI shared, 

“As I got older, I started to have experiences that were much more emotional and personal, and songwriting became an actual necessity instead of something that was fun for me to do.”

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