Mia Nicolai Learns to Love Herself with “Mutual Needs”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 11, 2020

Trust us when we say Mia Nicolai is the rising pop songstress you didn’t know you needed on your radar. Even with ADHD, the Amsterdam native has always channeled her mind and heart into everything artistic whenever she could. With only a few singles under her belt, Nicolai is ready to earn your respect with her hypnotic new single, “Mutual Needs.”

On “Mutual Needs,” Mia Nicolai shared, 

“I truly believe every person will get to a point in their life where they will end up in a relationship where the love is not equally reciprocated and your needs are no longer being fulfilled.”

Plenty of us have been through painful breakups, but not everyone was fortunate enough to learn that some relationships are more destructive sooner rather than later. As Nicolai pens a love letter to herself, “Mutual Needs” is drenched in captivating vocals and whirling electronics. The accompanying visual offers a hyped Nicolai in a dimly lit boxing ring, as she battles her innermost thoughts of doubt and uneasiness. 

“The love for the person is still there, but you know that you have to pass up on good to get great. If you find yourself relating to ‘Mutual Needs,’ I would love for you to take away a simple message… once you know that the relationship you’re currently in isn’t the right fit, choose yourself, even if it hurts. No person is worth losing your peace over. You can wish them well on their journey and carry on with life.”

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