maxime. Warns Us of Miserable Hangovers in “friends / wasted”

Photo Credit: Lucas Kuhl (@kuhlcamluke)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 10, 2020

Canada’s very own maxime. isn’t afraid of addressing some of the not-so-fun parts of life in his sad boy alternative pop. As he steps away from his electronic tendencies, maxime. offers a fresh and wavy soundscape we’re more than pleased with. As 2020 draws closer to an end, maxime. manages to catch our attention with his edgy new single, “friends / wasted.”

Considering how impeccable his growing discography is, it’s no surprise that maxime. prides himself on writing, recording, and producing from his home in Ottawa. Drenched in luscious guitars and pulsating beats, “friends / wasted” is a sonic gem you don’t want to miss out on. As maxime. warns us of the destructive behavior we’re all capable of, “friends / wasted” reminds us that drinking and partying isn’t all of what life’s about.

On “friends / wasted,” maxime. explained,

“Me and my friends like to party too much too often. Sometimes I’ll wake up the next morning feeling like death, thinking about how this isn’t sustainable. But for some reason, every weekend we meet up and do it all over again. The song is basically showing the morning after side of drinking and partying, and how the whole culture is a dangerous trap. I love my friends, and I know we can’t keep partying like we are forever.” 

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