Serena Isioma Searches for Peace with “Stop Calling The Police On Me”

Photo Credit: Enrique Manjarrez (@enrique.rez)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 6, 2020

Get ready to absolutely lose your mind over the magnificent presence of Serena Isioma. Having only made their debut last year, this Nigerian-American is incredibly fresh onto the scene, and we’re certain they’re destined for limitless success. With a stunning fusion of alternative R&B and hip hop, Isioma is turning heads with their poignant new single, “Stop Calling The Police On Me.”

Drenched in entrancing lo-fi production, “Stop Calling The Police On Me” offers the very best of Isioma. As someone who grew up with law enforcement constantly barging into their house uninvited, Isioma crafted a touching song that’s resonating with millions of listeners across the world. Even if you don’t know what it’s like to have your life be constantly threatened, “Stop Calling The Police On Me” will let you into a whole nother side of living you’ve never experienced. 

On “Stop Calling The Police On Me,” Serena Isioma explained,

“‘Stop Calling The Police On Me’ is about searching for peace outside of the society that doesn’t understand you. There was a heavy police presence in my household growing up. It was very toxic. Eventually, I stopped coming home altogether. I was much happier hanging out with my friends.”

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