Taylor DeBlock’s “Quicksand” Hits Us with Harsh Realities

Photo Credit: Paul Weaver (@paulwheatthins)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 3, 2020

Los Angeles-based Taylor DeBlock has been gaining considerable traction as of late, and he wholeheartedly deserves every bit of success coming his way. With his classy pop-infused R&B soundscape, DeBlock manages to captivate listeners with more ease than anyone else we’ve seen before. As if he hasn’t already spoiled us enough, DeBlock is treating us to his delectable new single, “Quicksand.”

Between the irresistible synths and whirling electronics, “Quicksand” is as wavy, vibey, and dreamy as DeBlock gets. As the Connecticut native suggests that the more we do, the more we lose, “Quicksand” hits us with harsh realities like a ton of bricks. If you haven’t already, we highly suggest you add DeBlock to your radars immediately. 

On “Quicksand,” Taylor DeBlock explained, 

“Sometimes the harder we try, the deeper we sink. Ultimately, we all must face the enduring paradox – somehow, the more you do, the more you lose.”

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