ROSIE Copes with Heartbreak in Stunning “Never the 1”

Photo Credit: Ragan Henderson (@raganhenderson)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 30, 2020

ROSIE’s heartwarming personality is so refreshing, we could cry. In conscious efforts to be entirely authentic, ROSIE is known for avoiding filters, makeup, and Facetune, which we wish we could see more of in social media today. It’s this very veracity that’ll carry ROSIE far in life, as we’re already more than pleased with her touching new single, “Never the 1.”

Opening with a tone-setting piano arrangement, “Never the 1” paints a sorrowful–yet captivating–image that’ll make you shed the purest tears. ROSIE’s angelic vocals most certainly belong in heaven, but we’re so thrilled that she somehow managed to bless us with her emotive songwriting. The accompanying visual offers a bare-faced ROSIE in all of her natural beauty as “Never the 1” whisks us off our feet. 

On “Never the 1,” ROSIE reflected,

“After months spent in my bedroom, writing songs to cope with a heartbreak I’ll never forget, I give you: ‘Never the 1.’ Writing this song was like therapy for me, and I’m overjoyed to share it with you now for your own catharsis.”

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