KiNG MALA Strikes a Chord in All of Us with “Homebody”

Photo Credit: Lauren Shelburne (@laurenshelburnemedia)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 29, 2020

KiNG MALA has been turning heads left and right for a few months now, and we’re so very glad this alternative newcomer is finally getting the attention she deserves. Now based in Los Angeles, KiNG MALA channels her most personal experiences into her unapologetic music. Fully committed to being her truest self, KiNG MALA continues this trend with her relatable new single, “Homebody.”

Even if you’re the most extroverted person you know, “Homebody” will strike a chord in you. Drenched in charming keys and alluring vocals, “Homebody” reminds us of exactly why we’re so obsessed with KiNG MALA. While we’re staying safe at home, KiNG MALA connects with her devoted listeners even more with the effervescent “Homebody.”

On “Homebody,” KiNG MALA explained,

“This song is about my social anxiety and how much I really just want to be home like… all of the time. I’ve struggled for a long time feeling like I belonged and trying to be comfortable with myself. I truly always feel awkward and dorky and misplaced at every party I’m invited to, and the more I talked to people about it, the more I’ve realized most people feel the exact same way as I do.”

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