Leyla Blue Calls Out Misogyny and Injustice with “F*** Yourself”

Photo Credit: Anna Palma (@annapalma)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 28, 2020

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say Leyla Blue just single handedly cancelled misogyny. While the 20-year-old newcomer continues to fight the good fight, she’s treating us to emotional ballads that teach valuable life lessons everyone should know. For those of you who haven’t dabbled in quality pop music quite yet, allow Blue to whisk you away with her moving new single, “F*** Yourself.”

It’d be remiss to overlook Blue’s utterly stunning vocals, but the authenticity and vulnerability in “F*** Yourself” is what really resonates with us. Decorated with wholesome acoustics and refreshing choruses, “F*** Yourself” has Blue calling out misogyny at its very core. Shot on an iPhone during quarantine, the “F*** Yourself” visual features Blue in a classic power suit, hosting a much-needed press conference to broadcast this fantastic track. 

On “F*** Yourself,” Leyla Blue shared,

“I am overwhelmed by the love and support and by so many women sharing their stories!! So many of us share a very similar experience and I’m so grateful that this song is evoking those convos. Our voices are loud and strong, especially when we scream together. Again, I love you so much.”

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