Weston Estate’s “Saturday Nights” Is an Ode to Growing Pains

Photo Credit: Jacob Shoots (@jacobshootz)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 27, 2020

Coming to you from Cary, North Carolina is a five-piece ready to introduce you to quality alternative music. Comprised of talented individuals of Indian and Cuban descent, Weston Estate isn’t like the other rising acts you hear today. Weston Estate fully embraces musical experimentation–as they showcase in their moody new single, “Saturday Nights.”

Written about growing pains, “Saturday Nights” is for those of us who don’t have life figured out quite yet. With percussion-driven tempos and relaxed vocals, “Saturday Nights” has Weston Estate’s charm under the spotlight. The accompanying visual features the lovely fellas of Weston Estate exploring the great outdoors and cannonballing into vast lakes.

On “Saturday Nights,” Weston Estate shared,

“This song is based on an idea that we held onto for a year. We wanted the song to embody the growing pains of adolescence at a time when everyone else seems to have everything figured out. We recorded the original demo in a bedroom, but it really came to life during our first real studio session. That’s why we’re so excited to finally put this song out; it feels like it has grown and evolved alongside us as a band.”

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