Andria Piperni Gets Lost in the Moment with “Fresh Paint”

Photo Credit: Mrs. Makaveli (@mrsmakaveliart)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 27, 2020

It’s safe to say that Andria Piperni has a timeless soul-infused R&B soundscape that never gets old. The Montreal native hasn’t always known that music would be her calling, but we’re so thankful Piperni has now discovered the enchanting voice that lives within. Before she unveils her forthcoming EP, Who’s Counting?, Piperni is spoiling us with a stunning new single, “Fresh Paint.”

After one listen of “Fresh Paint,” we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s nothing Piperni can’t do. Drizzled in pulsating beats and ear wormy bass lines, “Fresh Paint” is adorned with Piperni’s swoon-worthy vocals straight from heaven. Although the meaning behind “Fresh Paint” is open to interpretation, the moving lyrics suggest that we’re meant to experience something we’ve never felt before. 

On “Fresh Paint,” Andria Piperni shared, 

“For me, ‘Fresh Paint’ is about getting lost in a moment, and that enchanting feeling of discovering somewhere, something, or someone new.”

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