[Q&A] will hyde Proves Why He’s an Indie Pop Mastermind with ‘with u in mind.’ EP

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 26, 2020

The day has finally come… we’re bringing you the will hyde interview you’ve all been waiting for! The Australian newcomer has been delivering nothing but pure gold, and he most definitely outdoes himself with his otherworldly debut EP, with u in mind. For anyone who doesn’t believe hyde is an indie pop genius, with u in mind. will undoubtedly convince you otherwise. 

On with u in mind., will hyde shared,

“my debut ep ‘with u in mind.’ is out everywhere in the world!!!!!! omg. it has been a long journey to find my voice & start speaking my truth, yet i feel like i’m in the best place to do it now. thank u to everyone for such sweet messages, i appreciate every 1.”

To celebrate the release of his new music, we recently chatted with will hyde about acoustic videos, songwriting, and of course, with u in mind.

HH: It’s crazy to know how much you’ve grown as an artist since your SŸDE days. How would you say your experience in a duo has affected your current solo endeavour? 

WH: yo!!! well thank u sm. i appreciate u saying that HH (i’m gonna call u that as a nickname 😉 ). well HH, i would say in every way really. being a part of the duo was a great growing step for me. i learned a lot about the artist i wanted to be & also the human i wanted to be. i was very young when i was in SŸDE & i feel like this project is me growing up. i would say the understanding of the music business, the work ethic i need to be hitting to be making progress & surrounding myself with other musicians thru that door that opened for me has been great for my development. i’m really ready to tell my truth & i know how things are done now.

HH: How does it feel to finally have your debut EP out in the world?! 

WH: it feels great!! it’s funny, i kept forgetting it was coming out, because i just like to live very much in the present of what is happening RIGHT NOW. so honestly, i sort of forget it is out. fortunately i have very beautiful people who message me about it & that reminds me of it in the most positive way possible. music is awesome like that. for me, it’s why i do it. the potential to help someone. that person could go on to save the planet from climate change — who knows!! 

HH: You’ve shared that the umbrella with raindrops emoji is your current favorite. How would you describe with u in mind. in one emoji?

WH: haha precisely. hmm good question. okay here u go, i got one – 🏊. we’re keeping on moving!! our head is staying afloat in these waters.

HH: We don’t say this often, but we genuinely LOVE every track on with u in mind. Is there a particular song on this EP that resonates with you the most? 

WH: oh thank u so much!! that’s so cool that u took the time to take all of it in & i appreciate u saying that. hmm, they all do differently. i would say ‘dark until september.’ always has a soft place in my heart. just because of the context of when i wrote it & where. it was really a song where everything came out from me very quickly & it felt like it was what i needed to say at the time. shout out to alex henriksson, who i wrote that with — he helped me tell my truth & for that i am forever grateful. it’s a song I look back on & go – if i could get thru that, i can get thru what i’m going thru now! 

HH: Whether it’s the bouncy electronics in “over u.” or the moody guitars in “dark until september.,” your music never fails to impress us. Can you walk us through your creative process for this EP?

WH: thx a lot, y’all are so kind!! of course! well first up, i never really write songs for anything. i make songs to make that one song the best it can ever be, so i never keep in mind that i may be making a body of work. in that way, the tracks go to the places they need to go & i can think about ordering the songs later. so with that in mind, i usually write very quickly. probably 15-20 mins for a song. that’s because it has to be flowing for me — that’s the only time i will write. i usually have song titles in my head before i go in. on the production side, i like listening to music from other artists & seeing what they are doing. then i will be like — oh that percussion was really interesting. i have to do something like that!! 

i usually start with the melody/chorus, then i fit chords that i hear in my head & then take it to where i think it needs to go with the beat. i’ve written quite a few songs in lockdown where i hear the whole chorus in my head, production, key & everything. i feel grateful to have found something that comes naturally — i have spent a long time trying to find a thing i’m passionate about. so in a way, with everything — i feel like i’m a vessel for the universe or whatever it is that is giving me the song. it doesn’t feel like they are really mine or belong to me. that’s the beautiful thing about art or anything u are passionate about, it just flows thru u. i believe everyone has that inside of them, they just need to unlock it!

HH: Along with music videos and lyric videos, you’ve been treating us to acoustic videos that really let us hear your irresistibly wholesome vocals. What is so special about acoustic videos to you?

WH: yes I have been!! hehe thank u. i like acoustic videos because i can create a new world for the song to live in. stripping something back can really give it a new life. it’s honestly a blessing to be able to do anything to do with music, so i feel lucky to be able to do those 2!!!

HH: If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would you pick?

WH: definitely jeremy zucker!! that guy is dope. i love “end.” & “all the kids are depressed.”

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

WH: i got u!!! ooo exciting.
“Running Away From Home” – Eddie Benjamin 
“Molly” – Chase Atlantic

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