Jealousy Gets the Best of JÁNA and VanJess in “Green”

Photo Credit: Sandra Thorsson (@sandrathrssn)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 22, 2020

JÁNA may be based in Stockholm, but her alluring music has traveled throughout our vast world like wildfire. Having only made her stunning debut this year, JÁNA fuses together R&B and alternative pop seamlessly–especially for a newcomer. With plenty of support from her fellow Swedes, JÁNA is pleased to present her fabulous collaboration with VanJess: “Green.”

On “Green,” JÁNA shared,

“’Green’ is very straightforward to me. It’s reflecting on jealousy within a relationship. I’ve been giving jealousy a lot of thought – how we are so willing to give a person everything, except the romantic love of someone else – and how that feeling can eat you up. Like showing love in the form of jealousy. This song is really just saying why can’t we just enjoy things how they are, and leave our egos aside. The song name and idea is a little bit inspired by ‘Green Eyes’ by Erykah Badu. I wrote ‘Green’ with a friend over the summer in 2018 and it’s been a firm favorite of mine ever since.”

Featuring the gorgeous stylings of VanJess, “Green” sounds exactly like an otherworldly R&B dream. “Green” is as atmospheric as it is relatable, and we’re absolutely loving this delicate track. Between the charming instrumentals and buttery vocals, “Green” is more than enough reason to add JÁNA and VanJess to your radar.

VanJess added,

“It’s so dope to connect with a great artist like JÁNA through Instagram. If it wasn’t for that DM, we wouldn’t have been able to hear such an amazing record. So glad to be a part of her art.”

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