Adversity and Growth Go Hand in Hand for Christian Kuria in “Toroka”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 22, 2020

An hour’s drive north of San Francisco in Vallejo is where Christian Kuria embarked on his uphill music journey. The Kenyan-American mastermind has garnered considerable success on YouTube, but now he’s blessing us with his incredible original music. Now 25 years old, Kuria has honed his neo-soul soundscape with his gooey new single, “Toroka.”

On “Toroka,” Christian Kuria explained, 

“I named the song ‘Toroka’ as a nod to my Kenyan heritage; my dad was born and raised there. It’s a Swahili term that appropriately means ‘run away’ or escape.’”

If you’re into sultry synths and good vibes, “Toroka” is the perfect introduction to Kuria for you. As Kuria attempts to escape his darkest fears, “Toroka” has him realizing that adversity is what helps us grow as individuals. As a little cherry on top, Kuria’s seductive vocals shine like never before in this beautifully delectable track. 

“‘Toroka’ is about trying to evade issues or fears that, deep down, you know you have no choice but to confront at some point. I’ve battled anxiety for most of my life, an issue that’s exacerbated by being Black in the United States. It sometimes can feel like we can simply ‘escape’ certain parts of ourselves by ignoring or outgrowing them, but some of those issues stick with us through life. They become our baggage. I wanted to capture that feeling of denial.”

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