Seraphina Simone’s “O M D” Is an Ode to Mental Health

Photo Credit: Tara Rowse (@tarajunorowse)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 21, 2020

Seraphina Simone is one of those timeless artists that takes you back to better days. Growing up between London and Los Angeles, Simone has plenty of 80s influences blended with a modern take on indie pop. As her third release to date, Simone is leaving us stunned with her fluorescent new single, “O M D.”

Written about our inability to help others in a time of desperation, “O M D” has Simone reflecting on depression and its destructive forces. Between the classy synths and driving percussion, “O M D” incorporates Simone’s signature vocals in a way that creates such a picture-perfect track. More than anything, “O M D” is an ode to the importance of mental health, which is more prevalent now than ever before. 

On “O M D,” Seraphina Simone shared,

“‘O M D’ is more personal than the first two singles – it’s about loving someone struggling with depression, and how powerless you feel to help them. Like you’re a bystander in your own relationship, just watching them untether themselves further and further while you try and hold them and yourself and everything together, totally unsuccessfully. In this particular relationship, the more I tried to help the more I pushed him away, and then I ended up resenting him because it hurt.”

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