Jacob Banks Reaches the Most Emotionless Souls with “Devil That I Know”

Photo Credit: Grace Rivera (@__gracerivera)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 20, 2020

Jacob Banks is undoubtedly the most brilliant Nigerian-born, U.K.-based stunner blessing our airwaves. With an appreciated tendency to be as reflective as possible in his passionate songwriting, Banks reaches the most emotionless souls like nobody else. Now with his third solo song of the year, Banks has unveiled his soul-stirring new single, “Devil That I Know.” 

“Devil That I Know” offers a much more stripped-down performance by Banks, and we’re cherishing every single second of this gorgeous track. With raw vocals layered atop subtle pianos, “Devil That I Know” has Banks questioning relationships and ultimately searching for true happiness. The accompanying visual is a gloomy depiction of newlyweds driving away from their wedding reception only to be joined by danger and despair. 

On “Devil That I Know,” Jacob Banks shared,

“All my love to everyone involved.”

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