Michi Crosses Boundaries with “Break My Own Rules”

Photo Credit: Haley Appell (@haleyappell)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 19, 2020

Nothing gets better than the slick sounds of Los Angeles’ very own R&B mastermind: Michi. Heavily influenced by motown and soul, Michi has finally unveiled her stunning debut EP, Sugarbaby, which she’d been crafting for nearly two eventful years. Along with this highly-anticipated release comes a fabulous new single, “Break My Own Rules.”

Written about heartbreak and testing your limits, “Break My Own Rules” is for those of us who’ve ever changed ourselves into someone we could hardly recognize for someone else. Drenched in enticing brass and groovy bass lines, “Break My Own Rules” incorporates Michi’s seductive vocals in a way that’ll leave you breathless. This dreamy track is already a sonic masterpiece, but we wholeheartedly recommend that you listen to Michi’s Sugarbaby EP in its entirety. 

On “Break My Own Rules,” Michi shared,

“It’s actually inspired from a time of having my heart broken by someone and feeling incredibly lost inside, yet trying to gain footing on having my shit together and wanting to convince this person to love me, yet realizing I’m crossing my own boundaries for what I know is not good for me. Feel like we can all relate to this at some point in our life; it was therapeutic to release it!” 

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