Alt Bloom’s “Getting to Getting” Fills Our Hearts with Delight

Photo Credit: Caitlin Timmins

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 19, 2020

Considering all of his previous releases, it seems virtually impossible for Los Angeles-based Alt Bloom to disappoint us. Shortly after we received his incredible debut EP, Astronaut Complex, Alt Bloom is keeping his momentum going with yet another fantastic release. If you haven’t already, you definitely need to introduce yourself to Alt Bloom with his vibey new single, “Getting to Getting.”

Alt Bloom has always been irresistibly charming with his rich lyricism, but “Getting to Getting” spoils us like ever before. Layered with gooey bass lines and hypnotic percussion, “Getting to Getting” was crafted by Alt Bloom entirely during quarantine. As he reminisces about discovering his intense feelings are reciprocated, “Getting to Getting” fills our hearts with delight as if we’re Alt Bloom himself.

On “Getting to Getting,” Alt Bloom explained, 

“I always try to clear my mind before I write a song and when I do, usually some moment or moments in my life come out. ‘Getting to Getting’ is about the excitement you get when you go out to meet a person you’re digging on and you see that they’re digging back. In that moment, the night turns into an over-the-top heartbeat ride and this song is in the middle of that journey.”

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