mehro Reflects on the Duality of Life with “lightning”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 16, 2020

Whether it’s his captivating intimacy or his loveable personality, there’s something so heartwarming about mehro. The Los Angeles-based newcomer first caught our attention a few months ago, and it’s been an uphill journey for him since then. Ready to leave you speechless yet again, mehro is pleased to present his breathtaking new single, “lightning.”

It’s no secret that mehro is talented beyond his years, but “lightning” takes him to a whole nother level. Featuring oozing acoustics and organic vocals, “lightning” has mehro reflecting on the duality of life and eye-opening lightning storms. To top it off, the accompanying visual offers a cinematic experience as mehro passionately belts “lightning” with a single spotlight on him.

On “lightning,” mehro explained,

“The song is about the duality of existing: loneliness and companionship, love and fear, life and death, nights you wish could last forever, and days you wish could be forgotten. One summer night, I got to witness my first lightning storm, and with my experiences and outlook on life, this song was what came from me.”

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