The Future Is Unknown for RAGS AND RICHES in “Tension of the Season”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 14, 2020

If you’ve ever underestimated RAGS AND RICHES, you’ve made a dire mistake. This Kentucky duo has been on their grind ever since their days working at a rug cleaning shop, which is what coincidentally inspired their band name. With a mission to instill hope and inspiration in their listeners, RAGS AND RICHES is here to deliver their incredible new single, “Tension of the Season.”

On “Tension of the Season,” RAGS AND RICHES shared,

“The title ‘Tension of the Season,’ has been in my head for over a year. Peyton and I (Tanner) never could find the right music or the right words to write the song. In April, our grandfather experienced a nearly fatal stroke. With COVID-19, no one could be with him in the hospital during this period. There were so many unknowns in our life. That is when we knew it was time to write.” 

As many of us have been overwhelmed with stress throughout the global pandemic, RAGS AND RICHES comforts us with “Tension of the Season.” Between the uplifting guitars and positive lyricism, “Tension of the Season” has the power to completely change our mindsets. Directed by Christian Campbell, the “Tension of the Season” visual is set in the time of the coronavirus, but RAGS AND RICHES manages to make the most of the situation by performing their hearts out. 

“The words ‘tomorrow’s a brand new day, any second is bound to change’ were more relevant than ever. Originally, the doctor’s prognosis wasn’t the news we wanted to hear, but day by day he beat the odds stacked against him.”

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