Isaac Stuart Serenades Us with Dreamy Debut “Do You Like It When We Lay Like This?”

Photo Credit: Anita McAndrew (@anitakshoots)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 13, 2020

Life in Banbury, Oxfordshire for Isaac Stuart has always been filled with music. Whether it be Stevie Wonder or Joni Mitchell, classic records were constantly spinning on the family jukebox, and Stuart loved every second of it. Now that Stuart’s old enough to make music of his own, he’s leaving us speechless with his enchanting debut single, “Do You Like It When We Lay Like This?”

Layered above the gorgeous acoustics are Stuart’s effervescent vocals, which make “Do You Like It When We Lay Like This?” a sure-fire fan favorite. With Stuart dedicating his debut single to his first love, “Do You Like It When We Lay Like This?” reminds us of late night cuddles and the irresistible warmth of being held so tightly you don’t ever want to let go. To top it off, the accompanying visual is an absolute dream of a concept, with Stuart intimately serenading us from a cozy bed positioned in the middle of the road.

On “Do You Like It When We Lay Like This?,” Isaac Stuart reflected,

“‘Do You Like It When We Lay Like This?’ was inspired by a conversation I had during a past relationship, having fallen in love for the first time… The title of the song was a real question from the moment and it will always hold a special place with me.”

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