Akeem Oh’s “School Girl” Is an Ode to Inner Beauty

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 13, 2020

Born in Pennsylvania but adopted by a Canadian family, Akeem Oh grew up in the small town of Mattawa, Ontario. It was here that Oh discovered his undeniable love of music, which led to him working with countless music organizations and winning several awards. With a nostalgia you can’t ignore, Oh’s heartfelt new single, “School Girl,” is something everyone needs to hear.

On “School Girl,” Akeem Oh explained, 

“There is beauty in one’s vulnerable moments, and within simplicity there can still be complexity. The subject of the song faces obstacles along the way, trying to stay afloat. She doesn’t see how special she is quite yet, but everyone around her sees her as the person she wishes to be, and the beauty she holds. ‘When it’s not enough, she magnifies” — when something’s not good enough, she works hard to make them greater.”

Featuring stunning guitars and organic vocals, “School Girl” is as uplifting as it is beautiful. A precious ode to one of Oh’s closest friends, “School Girl” encourages us to acknowledge how truly amazing we are–even when we don’t feel the most confident. If you haven’t already, we invite you to add Oh to your radar because this American-Canadian talent is well worth your time.

“I absolutely love the creative process, and I was determined to get it to sound the way it sounded in my head. Playing every single instrument on this track, ‘School Girl’ feels very me. The young woman in the song goes through some of the things I was going through while creating it. Sometimes you have to let the song be what it is.”

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