Zachary Knowles Relieves Us of Emotional Turmoil with “super sad songs”

Photo Credit: Philip Winham (@philipwinhamphoto)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 12, 2020

Zachary Knowles has been dabbling in music since childhood, but it wasn’t until this year that we’ve been fortunate enough to familiarize ourselves with this Texan talent. A self-taught musician, Knowles has more determination and drive than most rising artists we’ve come across. A genuine connection comes naturally for Knowles and his music–just as we sense in his lovely new single, “super sad songs.” 

On “super sad songs,” Zachary Knowles explained,

“I love mixing sad lyrics with happy melodies and production because my hope is that those who are going through a hard time can hear them and relate to them, but walk away feeling uplifted and hopeful due to the positive feel of the production.” 

For those of us who’ve been truly heartbroken at one point or another, “super sad songs” will remind you of some of your most painful memories, but Knowles makes it a calming experience. With stellar production and direct lyricism, “super sad songs” will dig deep into your soul and relieve you of the emotional turmoil that’s been rotting within. The “super sad songs” lyric video takes place in the back of a semi-truck as Knowles gazes into the camera lens and eventually stares off into the open road. 

“With ‘super sad songs,’ I wanted to paint this picture of someone who’s honestly just sad and confused, but deliver it in a way that leaves people feeling refreshed and inspired.”

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