ROLE MODEL Becomes the Ultimate Homebody with “going out”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 9, 2020

ROLE MODEL is back, baby! Just a few short years ago, Tucker Pillsbury debuted the moniker ROLE MODEL, sending shockwaves across the entire music community. With an alternative sound we’ll never get bored of, ROLE MODEL is treating us to an otherworldly new single, “going out.” 

ROLE MODEL is quite possibly the best at drawing in his listeners with just the first line of a well-crafted song. The catchiness of “going out” proves that ROLE MODEL is as relatable as he is talented, and this is only a tiny glimpse of the east coast bred stunner. Considering the current global pandemic, ROLE MODEL is unleashing “going out” at a perfect time when all of us are meant to be staying indoors and avoiding physical contact with others. 

Although the hypnotic track itself is about mental health at its core, the accompanying visual shows a cheerful ROLE MODEL as he tunes out the world and channels his energy into music. For those of you who’d much rather spend your day indoors, join ROLE MODEL in his at-home shenanigans in the “going out” video. Whether he’s taking a bubble bath, mowing the lawn, or washing his car, ROLE MODEL sports an infectious smile that’ll warm your heart. 

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