Emanuel Dedicates “Black Woman” to Resilient Black Women Worldwide

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 9, 2020

Even in a welcoming city like Toronto, people are faced with adversity and racial injustice–which Emanuel has always known. With an understanding of how all forms of art have truly shaped him, Emanuel treats us to a precious R&B sound you can’t ignore. Before the #BlackLivesMatter protests earlier this year, the Canadian newcomer had already been preaching for racial justice, but it’s not until now that we get to hear this in his stripped down new single, “Black Woman.” 

On “Black Woman,” Emanuel explained,

“‘Black Woman’ is about reconciliation and also celebration – celebrating how strong our women are and how they hold us up. People might think this song was written as a response to the moment right now but it’s saying the exact same thing it was saying when it was written a year ago – ‘I see you, I recognize you, I appreciate you, and I love you.’”

Dedicated to the millions of Black women around the world, “Black Woman” serves as the beginning of a much-needed healing process. This breathtaking track is adorned with the most gorgeous string arrangements and Emanuel’s striking vocals, which will undoubtedly leave you in awe. Alongside the release of “Black Woman,” Emanuel has launched a digital portrait series in honor of Black female artists empowering others and themselves along the way. 

“The biggest message I would want to be received by this song is, ‘Wake up and see the queens around you and see these beautiful women and the work that they do and stop hindering them.’ On a personal level, for other black men who have active black women in their lives or who encounter black women in their life, I hope this song inspires them to take stock to see if they hold any negative filters when they view black women, to take stock of how black women are treated, and to really appreciate them for who they are. The message of ‘Black Woman’ is a display of love to try to wake people up.”

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