Johnny Stimson Spotlights Anxiety with “My Head Is a Crowded Train”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 7, 2020

One of the coolest things about Johnny Stimson is his mentor relationship with Elton John, but what’s even more notable is his undeniable ability to connect with his listeners. The Dallas-born stunner has always been able to draw from the most vulnerable parts of his life and craft the most precious tunes. Combining elements of indie and R&B, Stimson is more than pleased to present his lovely new single, “My Head Is a Crowded Train.”

On “My Head Is a Crowded Train,” Johnny Stimson reflected,

“This is a short song about a feeling that’s a little hard for me to describe. It’s about feeling paralyzed by all the thoughts running in and out of my mind. It’s about anxiety. One morning a few weeks ago, I just felt like my thoughts were so busy it felt like a million people bouncing around the L train while it rolled through Brooklyn. So I decided to write about it! I know I’m not alone in those feelings and I hope this song can bring some encouragement to you if you’re feeling overwhelmed sometimes too. It’s okay to feel those things.” 

Plenty of us know what it feels like to have hundreds of thoughts going buckwild in our minds, and Stimson entirely captures this in “My Head Is a Crowded Train.” Layered with calming acoustics and Stimson’s soothing vocals, “My Head Is a Crowded Train” allows us to catch our breath for two minutes. Created by Stimson himself, the accompanying visual incorporates animations that share several narratives that stem from a single train ride. 

“You wanna know something cool to come out of this? I drew a little picture of this sad computer guy and I thought, ‘What if I learned how to animate a video??’ I spent two weeks working on drawing all of these and it was the most awesome thing I could do to take a little break from all those thoughts. Working on this song and animation was like a quiet therapy for me and I’m feeling lots better on the other side. And it reminded me how much I love to draw.” 

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