Dasha Calls Out Cheating Heartbreakers in “None of My Business”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 6, 2020

A proud advocate for female empowerment, Dasha has never been afraid to live the life she deserves. With an intoxicating pop soundscape drenched in playful melodies, the California native knows exactly how to reel us in. As her second release of 2020, Dasha is treating us to her bold new single, “None of My Business.”

On “None of My Business,” Dasha explained,

“‘None of My Business’ was written around the feeling you get when the person you want doesn’t want you back. The storyline in the record is exaggerated into walking in on the guy you’re with and another girl cheating, but the sentiment is the same. There are so many songs about crying over someone who doesn’t want you back, but I’m not about to spend that much energy playing the victim and being hurt over some dude. ‘None of My Business’ is all about showing that person the bad bitch they lost and almost rubbing it in their face a little!”

Dasha may not have actually walked in on her ex cheating on her, but she certainly evokes this intensity throughout “None of My Business.” Between the fluttering snaps and whirling electronics, “None of My Business” is the perfect track to blast if you want to feel untouchable. For those of you who have ever been disrespected by a past lover, “None of My Business” will undoubtedly become your anthem.

“‘None of My Business’ is the epitome of what I’ve been creatively trying for since I first began writing. It’s so satisfying as an artist to know that I finally reached the point in my career where I can confidently outline who I am as a writer and artist and where I see my sound going – ‘None of My Business’ is all of that and more.”

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