artemis orion’s “midnight thoughts” Is a Lo-Fi Dream

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 2, 2020

Having already released an album’s worth of songs this year, artemis orion is certainly not an underachiever. The Los Angeles native really does connect with listeners through her incredibly personal songwriting, and we’re so charmed by this emerging talent. If you haven’t already caught a glimpse of orion, allow us to introduce you to her lovely new single, “midnight thoughts.”

Trust us when we say, lo-fi has never sounded so beautiful… until now. Between the soothing acoustics and glimmery vocals, “midnight thoughts” is a deep reflection of orion’s growing universe and journey to self-discovery. Although orion isn’t being played on major airwaves quite yet, we have no doubt that you’ll be hearing her worldwide soon enough.

On “midnight thoughts,” artemis orion shared,

“‘midnight thoughts’ is about self reflection, evaluation, and honesty. Often we can get stuck in our own heads and just think about a lot of our life’s journey in what we’ve learned, how it’s impacted us, and if we’re living to our full potential.”

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