Love Is Dead for ARI in Haunting “Murderer”

Photo Credit: Basit Sultani (@visualslxyer)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 2, 2020

Not long after the release of her otherworldly debut EP, IDIOT GRL, ARI returns with even more breathtaking music. The Toronto native has an undeniable knack for crafting catchy hooks and memorable choruses, which will certainly convince you that she deserves to be on your radar. Just in time for Halloween, ARI is serving up a haunting new single that’ll definitely give you the chills: “Murderer.”

Revolving around a destructive relationship, “Murderer” digs deep into ARI’s tumultuous past of ex-lovers. Layered with thrilling electronics and booming percussion, “Murderer” offers a dark soundscape perfect for the spooky season. Along with the moody track comes a teaser video that introduces us to the spine-tingling narrative behind “Murderer.”

On “Murderer,” ARI explained,

“‘Murderer’ is an ode to the pain you feel when a love dies. It’s about all of that anger, sadness, and frantic emotion that seems to overwhelm you all at once. It makes you feel crazy. I think at some point, even if only for a moment, everyone has felt that soul-shattering heartache. This song is my way of letting out all of those feelings and hopefully it can do the same for others.”

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