Devin Kennedy’s “Loose Change” Is an Ode to Overthinkers Everywhere

Photo Credit: Bemis Creative (@bemiscreative)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 1, 2020

Just two weeks after his latest single release, Devin Kennedy is keeping the momentum going with even more fantastic music. With indie pop tunes crafted to perfection, Kennedy is on the verge of a skyrocketing career. To prove this to you, we invite you to spin his lovely new single, “Loose Change.”

Plenty of us over analyze situations to the point of insanity, but Kennedy reminds us that we’re not the only ones. Drizzled in bouncy production and seamless ukuleles, “Loose Change” is quite the charming track ready for your airwaves. As if we haven’t already hyped him up enough, Kennedy is one of the most highly anticipated acts of 2020, and you’d better learn that sooner rather than later. 

On “Loose Change,” Devin Kennedy reflected,

“‘Loose Change’ is for all my professional overthinkers. You’re not alone.”

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