Peach Luffe Leaves His Worries Behind with “Golden Parachutes”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 30, 2020

All of you indie lovers out there are certainly in for a treat from Peach Luffe. The South Korea-born, Toronto-based artist encapsulates the purest aspects of the indie genre with an avant-garde approach and ruffled guitars. Hot off the heels of his recent EP, Shimmer, Peach Luffe continues to spoil us with an enchanting new single, “Golden Parachutes.”

Utterly luscious guitar riffs and stunning flute arrangements are just two reasons why we’re obsessed with “Golden Parachutes.” When you toss in the subtle bass lines and Peach Luffe’s organic vocals, there’s no way you can’t love this wholesome track. As he croons about leaving all of his worries behind, “Golden Parachutes” makes us want to book a one-way trip to somewhere magnificent. 

On “Golden Parachutes,” Peach Luffe explained,

“‘Golden Parachutes’ is about wanting to disappear for a while. Just get on a plane then jump with a parachute and stay off grid wherever we land.” 

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