Sarah Kang Learns to Love Unconditionally with “Make You Mine”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 28, 2020

Trust us when we say Sarah Kang is the Korean-American breaking boundaries with every jaw-dropping release. Her gorgeous fusion of soul and R&B sets itself apart from anything we’ve heard before, and Kang is most definitely on her way to the top charts. Even if you don’t vibe with R&B, we highly suggest you give Kang a chance with her luscious new single, “Make you Mine.”

On “Make You Mine,” Sarah Kang reflected,

“‘Make You Mine’ is out now! It’s about the moments I’ve felt at odds with someone I love, and a reminder that compromise and reconciliation are possible and worthy endeavors. It’s about the intentional effort and hard work it takes to make someone yours.” 

With funky bass lines and stirring beats, “Make You Mine” incorporates soundscapes fit for the gods. Not to mention, Kang’s vocals are so irresistibly stunning we can’t believe she’s not already playing nonstop on radio stations worldwide. After one listen of “Make You Mine,” it’s safe to say Kang is destined to be a successful musician, and we’re so glad we get to join her on this uphill journey.

“We think of day and night as opposites, but for those rare moments during dawn and dusk when the moon and sun meet, they coexist and make something beautiful. I admit I fail often, and I’m still learning to listen, understand, and bridge the gap. It seems all the more important in our ever divided present moment. Hope you enjoy this one.”

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