Saint Blonde Reignites Our Love of Pop Rock with “Morningside”

Photo Credit: Ash Highberger (@wyldcosmia)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 28, 2020

It’s been quite some time since we’ve featured a pop rock band, but trust us when we say Saint Blonde is here to reignite our love of this timeless genre. The Texas four-piece has only been around for two years, but their irresistible pop-influenced rock has gotten considerable worldwide attention. If you’re feeling at all sluggish, we invite you to start your week off right with Saint Blonde’s charming new single, “Morningside.” 

With amped music intended for massive crowds, Saint Blonde will most certainly be your next favorite pop rock act. Doused in rich melodies and impressive guitar work, “Morningside” is dedicated to those who deviate from the norm because they know better. The accompanying visual offers an inclusive live performance of “Morningside” that’s just as energetic as the fantastic track itself.

On “Morningside,” Saint Blonde explained,

“The song itself is sort of an ode to the people who refuse to let time dictate what they want to be, or who they want to be. The late starters, the pivoters, folks who got tired of being afraid of what their idea of love or career looked like. As we get older, it seems like more and more peers feel the pressure of traditional lifestyles or careers.”

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