ford. and Verzache Offer Stellar Indie Righteousness with “In My Eyes”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 25, 2020

Quite a few up-and-coming artists have been able to make us shed tears, but there’s one particular indie electronic mastermind that’s going above and beyond to revive the life in us: ford. He may only be 20 years old, but he’s already gotten some major achievements under his belt, like a GRAMMY nomination for his remix of Mild Minds’ “SWIM.” Before he unveils his highly anticipated sophomore album, The Color of Nothing, ford. presents an eloquent new single, “In My Eyes.”

On “In My Eyes,” ford. reflected,

I began writing this track back in February of 2019. A year later, I finally had a flushed-out demo. Quarantine had gone into full effect and one of the things keeping me grounded was Facetiming my friends. I would check in with Zach (Verzache) and we would have these long conversations about mental health, missing touring, and how quarantine was affecting our writing processes, etc. I remember sending him this demo on one of our calls and he sent back a full finished verse the next day. The lyrics and melodies channelled a lot of the themes we had been talking about and it immediately resonated with me. Immensely grateful for dudes like Zach and every opportunity I get to make music with close friends; nothing quite like it.”

Featuring Verzache, “In My Eyes” is truly one of the most alluring tracks we’ve heard as of late. With an impeccable blend of minimal synths and effervescent beats, “In My Eyes” is a stellar offering on behalf of ford. and Verzache. Directed by Mitch Pond, the accompanying visual offers animated versions of ford. and Verzache in a fantasy world of hallucinations and rich colors.

On the “In My Eyes” video, Mitch Pond shared,

“Seeing the wonderful cover art done by Rooovie made me want to create a video that stepped into and explored that world. The imagery of a figure approaching and being submerged in a lotus filled lake brought to my mind the concept of creativity as a sort of diving expedition into the self, searching in the dark for something to bring to the surface and share with people. Coordinating a shoot from different locations was the biggest challenge, and I am grateful that Luc was willing to go out in a public place and do things like spin around in circles or pretend to swim so that we could get the footage of some of the trickier effects.”

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