[PREMIERE + Q&A] Tiggy Brings Us to a State of Serenity with “Oasis”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 24, 2020

Tiggy is a diplomat’s daughter, an engineer, a surfer, but above all — she’s an optimist. This beacon of light within Tiggy really does rub off on us, and it’s about time she offers some much-needed clarity to you. With only a handful of singles to her name, Tiggy is more than pleased to unveil her stunning new offering, “Oasis.”

After one listen we’re convinced that “Oasis” may possibly be Tiggy’s best release yet. Drizzled with ethereal instrumentals, “Oasis” has Tiggy soothing our minds in a time of frustration and destruction. Rest assured, Tiggy will certainly whisk you away to a state of serenity with the mesmerizing soundscapes of “Oasis.”

On “Oasis,” Tiggy exclusively shared with us,

“It’s a relaxing, optimistic song about taking a difficult situation and making the best of it. Everyone needs an oasis of some sort, especially these days.”

The Hidden Hits has your first listen of “Oasis” below:

To celebrate the release of her new music, we recently chatted with Tiggy about staying optimistic, silver linings, and of course, “Oasis.”

HH: How did you first get into music? 

T: As a kid I spent many many hours in choir, in orchestras playing cello, piano, you name it! So I had a bit of a background when I started to write and produce myself. I was traveling by myself in between jobs when I had an epiphany of sorts that I wanted to do something more creative. I’ve always been a music fanatic – at eight years old I used to print out lyrics to memorize my favorite songs – so it was a natural medium for me when I started to pursue a creative outlet.

HH: “Oasis” is such an organic song with ethereal instrumentals we can’t get enough of. What was the creative process like for this track? 

T: Thank you so much! I came up with the track’s concept first – I was reflecting on a difficult situation in my life and thinking about how I’d dealt with it, which was mainly throwing myself into school. It may sound odd to think of school as an “oasis” since so many people dread it, but for me my high school and college experiences were everything to me. In the song, I took a relatively dark subject and tried to make it as uplifting and optimistic as possible. The lyric “bouyed by silver linings” is something I live by. I wanted the sound to mimic how I imagine an actual oasis to feel: warm, breezy, light, calming. So lots of soft instruments and a warm vocal!

HH: Is there somewhere specific that you go to get away from life for even a brief moment? 

T: Surfing! Back when we could travel, I’d go on solo surf trips to take a break from normal day to day life. I’m a huge outdoors person, which is ironic given I live in New York City, but nature’s always been an oasis of sorts for me. Growing up in California and Vancouver really had that effect on me. If I ever feel anxious or just want to reflect without distraction, I put my phone on airplane mode and go for a long walk, bike, surf, or anything else outdoors. 

HH: How have you been trying to stay optimistic throughout the global pandemic? 

T: It’s definitely hard at times! When I think about everything that’s happened this year it’s difficult to wrap my mind around it all and stay positive. But I think I’ve always been a naturally optimistic person and the pandemic hasn’t changed that. I really believe in the resilience of people and often think about how many of the smartest minds are working behind the science and solutions. I know there have been and will continue to be irreparable losses, but I trust society at large to bounce back and make it through. We’ve done it before (albeit before our time).

HH: What’s it like to write, record, and produce your own music? 

T: It’s a really difficult and cathartic process! I have so much respect for bigger artists who do it all themselves. I’ve really been enjoying the process and it’s given me an opportunity to reflect on certain things I may not have dug deep and brought out otherwise. Being able to turn those feelings into lyrics and sound is such a beautiful thing.

HH: What else can we expect from your forthcoming debut EP, Diplomat’s Daughter?

T: It’s sort of a journey around the world conceptually, lyrically, and sonically! Every song is inspired by a different place I’ve lived so there’s a decent amount of variety in style, but I think all my music so far is pretty consistently both chill and optimistic. I’m really excited about the EP!

HH: If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would you pick?

T: Million dollar question… so hard to choose! I think I’d have to go with Maggie Rogers right now. I feel like we’d vibe and I love the uninhibited emotion in her music. She has her own sound and she’s also a producer!

HH: What are your three hidden hits (underrated songs by rising artists you love)? 

HH: “Ode to a Conversation Stuck in Your Throat” – Del Water Gap
“Surface Tension” – Genevieve Stokes
“Drippin” – Jany Green

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