will hyde Offers Comfort and Guidance with “dark until september.”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 23, 2020

There’s only one rising artist that’s been able to make us fall in love with every single one of his spectacular releases, and if you couldn’t guess already… His name is will hyde. The Australian newcomer made his thrilling debut just a few months ago, but hyde already ranks the highest on our music radar. For a more stripped down take on his indie pop, hyde is surprising us with a melancholic new single, “dark until september.”

Opening with the most emotive guitar strumming, “dark until september.” immediately sets the mood for a much-needed late night drive. At a troubling time when most of us are feeling confused and frustrated, hyde comforts those of us seeking solace. The accompanying visual offers a simple shot of hyde surrounded by a circle of tea lights, jotting his feelings down on a notepad.

On “dark until september.,” will hyde shared,

“Hello angels, how are you feeling today? I wrote this song during a dark time in my life. I was lost, out of love, and just jaded by life. I was hurt. I wrote this with a friend of mine in his garage studio when I was away from home for a long time. I just started asking a lot of sobering questions that I didn’t want to face before. This is that reflection, it’s basically me being like – I’m not sure how I’m gonna get through this, but I’m trying to. I hope this might connect with some part of your soul and help you feel comfort for when you feel lost also. Lots of love.”

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