Akinyemi and Shane Garcia Break the Stigma of Being “Selfish”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 23, 2020

Plenty of notable musicians are Queens, New York natives, but none of them are quite like Akinyemi. His otherworldly hip hop very much narrates his eventful life story without hesitation or doubt. Ahead of his forthcoming debut album, Reborn, Akinyemi has joined forces with Shane Garcia for a remarkable new single, “Selfish.”

On “Selfish,” Akinyemi explained,

“I don’t feel like being selfish is a bad thing, especially these days. We finally got a reason to look inward and I’m just pinpointing the areas in my life that I’d prefer to keep for myself. We ought to live freely for ourselves more. Being selfish and caring for ourselves gives space for reflection which then allows us to be selfless or ‘selfish for others.’ I hope more people take a moment for themselves after they hear this record.”

Akinyemi is absolutely the type of person to tell it like it is–no matter how intense the situation may be. Drenched in Akinyemi’s truthful bars and Garcia’s luscious vocals, “Selfish” opens our eyes to what it really means to live freely. After one listen of “Selfish,” we’re so thrilled these two New Yorkers collaborated on such a fantastic track. 

Shane Garcia added,

“‘Selfish’ has a dual meaning; many find it has a negative connotation. The song expresses the duality of selfishness, one person handling it in the most toxic way, and the other using it to utilize healthy boundaries.“ 

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