Alex Frew Seeks Human Connection with “Antisocial Love Song”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 21, 2020

After one listen of Alex Frew’s emotive pop music, you’d be surprised to know he has only two tracks released so far. With an innate ability to connect with listeners through personal experiences, Frew should definitely be on your radar. Now that we’ve been facing this global pandemic for quite some time, Frew’s powerful new single, “Antisocial Love Song” speaks to us even more. 

Featuring A Is for Arrows, “Antisocial Love Song” is written about human connection in a time of loneliness. The breathtaking instrumentals already make for a gorgeous ballad but Frew’s enchanting vocals paired with A Is for Arrows’ harmonies are what sets “Antisocial Love Song” over the top. As plenty of us are facing something we’ve never encountered before, Frew reassures us that we’ll be reunited with our loved ones soon enough.

On “Antisocial Love Song,” Alex Frew reflected,

“This song is very important to me. It took on a new meaning after this global pandemic occurred. It wears its pop music qualities on its sleeve, but it touches on the difficulty of being alone and finding connections with others – a feeling which has only been amplified by the world’s current situation.” 

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