Dava Forgives Those Who Have Wronged Her in “Papercut”

Photo Credit: Genevieve Andrews (@notgenevieveandrews)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 18, 2020

We’ve covered every one of Dava’s releases this year, and we’re not breaking that streak today. The rising talent may have been raised between Texas and Oklahoma, but it’s quite clear that she’s meant to be exactly where she is in Los Angeles pursuing her music career. Before she unleashes her forthcoming project, Sticky, Dava is treating us to a flawless new single, “Papercut.” 

As Dava’s left-pop ties grow stronger with every astounding release, “Papercut” offers the very best of this growing popstar. Drenched in stellar production and charming vocals, “Papercut” has Dava encouraging us to find it in our hearts to forgive those who have wronged us and not take life so seriously. The accompanying visual is set at a dramatic crash site, where Dava explores this foreign territory caught in flames. 

On “Papercut,” Dava reflected,

“I’ve realized that no family, friendship, or relationship is perfect. When trust is broken it’s very hard to mend, and those wrongdoings may seem unforgivable. With time though, most situations reveal themselves to be minor papercuts. We can allow ourselves to move on, we can heal from these things. Although the song itself has a dark connotation, it brought a lot of clarity and forgiveness to the relationship that inspired the song.”

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